The Crete Public Schools Foundation, Inc. is a non-profit, tax exempt organization incorporated to provide new and improved educational opportunities for the benefit of students, teachers, employees and residents of the Crete Public Schools.
The CPS Foundation is managed by the Board of Directors. The Board consists of the community members together with the Superintendent and Executive Director of Business of the Crete Public Schools, who are additional non-voting members of the Board.
The Directors are both Crete graduates and community members.  One of the major responsibilities is the distribution of funds for scholarships. Each year this board awards over $49,000 in scholarships to graduating seniors. Also, almost $20,000 is given directly to classroom projects requested by teachers through the Classroom Grant Program. The growing endowment fund continues to make these grants possible.

Crete Public Schools has always been a leader in promoting excellence in its schools. This foundation, created by community and alumni monies, helps guarantee that the high standards at Crete Public Schools will continue in the future. Your return is the satisfaction of investing in the future of our schools and our students.


What Will Your Gift Do This Year?

Each year the Board of Directors sets priorities for the year.  Scholarships for graduating seniors and various school projects are the priorities again this year. The following are some past projects as well as this year's projects.

  • New equipment: Funds will purchase new equipment to help establish a quality program in the Crete Schools.
  • Scholarship funds for graduates: The cost of higher education continues to escalate and students need additional financial assistance to attend college. Last year the Foundation Fund gave 60 scholarships. Many of these scholarships were given through memorials or by corporations.
  • Additional funds: These funds help provide grants for instructional improvement, research and curriculum development, supplemental reading materials, access to technology, etc.

How Can I Give to the Crete Foundation?

The Crete Public Schools Foundation, Inc. is established to receive its funding through gifts, bequests of property - real or personal, cash or any other items of worth.  Most people give checks in the amount they wish to donate. All donations are tax deductible.

Methods of Giving

  • Direct Gifts: This includes donations of cash, securities, personal property or real estate.
  • Recognition Gifts: Cash gifts to honor a person or special occasion.
  • Memorial Gifts: Money donated to honor a deceased relative or friend.
  • Bequests: A gift by will, typical forms include:
  • Special Bequest: donor specifies a dollar amount or percentage of the estate to be transferred to the Foundation Fund.
  • Contingent Bequest: the assets of the estate are transferred to the Foundation if previously named beneficiaries are no longer living.
  • Residuary Bequest: after all specific bequests have been satisfied, the Foundation receives all, or a portion of the remaining estate assets.
  • Life Insurance: Donors can change their premium dollars into charitable contributions by assigning policy benefits to the Foundation.  Premiums may be tax deductible, and the policy benefits may be exempt from estate taxes.

Thank you for investing in the future of our schools and our students.

To make a contribution:

  • Make an online payment
  • Click on the Let's Talk link on the right to request a donation form, or
  • Download and fill out our printable donation form.

If you have any questions or for more information on the Crete Public Schools Foundation, please call 402-826-9875 or Toll-Free 877-826-1011.