Tenet: Academics

Academics: includes plans to address unfinished learning, continuity of learning (remote learning) in the event of extended school closure, and the delivery of educational services to special populations (e.g., special education, LEP, etc.).

Core Team: Sam Stecher, Jason Weber, Lisa Fye, Diane Bruha 

Extended Team Members: Angela wagoner, Jennifer Dinan, Karen Williams, Perla Jaimes, Shannon Cole, Melissa Frans, Julie Kent, Sarah Sell, Tara Brown


The guidance the health department has provided us is to anticipate learners absent for 24 days in the event of a positive COVID 19 within the household. Our approach regarding academic planning is to treat such absenteeism as inevitable, immediate, and ongoing. Every lesson will be planned to address the needs of both in-person and extended absentee learners. In doing so, we will be appropriately prepared for all anticipated tiers.

Unfinished Learning

Building level administration and instructional staff have been working to identify the standards-based essential unfinished learning resulting from our cessation of face-to-face instruction in the spring. Additionally, we will make use of a Niaku, a program which enables us to administer pretests to assess where our students are at as it pertains to mastery of the standards so that our instructional staff can construct lessons that are in line with what our students need to learn

Lesson Planning

The lesson plan requirements for addressing the potential of absentee learners must have the following elements. This is barebones with intention. Our teachers are our experts in both the content areas and grade level. We need to trust and verify what they construct, but they are better suited than anyone to flesh this out in the manner the students need

Essential Elements

  • Directions for access to remote resources
  • Learning goal/objective 
    • must be able to be obtained either in person or through remote learning 
  • grading expectations (there can be flexibility on the product demonstrating the learning and deadlines, but not mastery of the standards)
  • schedule for
    • synchronous presentation
    • asynchronous pacing 
  • contact info and available "office hours"

Instructional Platforms

We have identified Seesaw at the Elementary level and Google Classroom as the Intermediate, Middle, and High School levels as our dedicated instructional platforms. All remote learning resources will be based on those two platforms. Zoom will be our dedicated video platform. 

Professional Development

Synchronous and asynchronous professional development will be provided to staff focused on Seesaw, Google Classroom, Zoom, Niaku, and remote instruction best practices.

Special Programs

Special Education: 

  • Green: Services will be provided per the IEP
  • Yellow: Classroom services/blended/face to face/one-one
    • Special education will be provided per the IEP, with masks, and with the least restrictive environment. 
    • Students with medical fragility will be served in the location best suited to their needs, whether that be at school during the regular school day, in a self-contained environment, or after school hours, or if needed, at home via zoom.
  • Orange: Organizing of students into appropriately safe environments based on service and safety needs
    • Students who require specialized instruction as a priority most of their day may be moved into a more restrictive environment when their needs can no longer be met in the classroom. Again, Special education providers will follow all core safety plans. 
    • Students may be served in the most restrictive settings based on their academic needs and physical safety.
  • Red: Schools are closed, and services will be provided to the greatest extent possible in a remote environment.


  • Green: Speech and language services will follow the IEP and all restrictions for health and safety that the entire school or classroom is following.
    • Preschool new referrals: If students are not in attendance, we will bring them in separately to evaluate them.
  • Yellow: Speech and language services will be provided per the IEP with all safety measures in place.
    • Plexiglass tabletop safety barriers for students to be in group/individual services in small rooms safely.
    • Mobile plexiglass barriers for those students getting individual or speedy speech outside of the speech room.
  • Orange : 
    • Individual/group sessions via remote from the office of the SLP to the student's classroom as dictated by health and safety restrictions.
    • Seesaw or other tech lessons during station rotation if specialists are not allowed in classrooms 
    • Headsets with microphones (classroom to office remote),
    • Preschool classroom para assists students with participating in speech activities provided by the SLP in the preschool classroom.
    • Students may require speech after school or on an alternate schedule to reduce risk related to medical concerns. (to be determined by the IEP team
    • Articulation: Plexiglass barriers/Speedy speech (quick 10-minute sessions outside the classrooms)
    • Write social stories addressing COVID and changes in the school day.
  • Red: 
    • Remote services: Students at home, following the regular school day, including scheduled speech times.
      • Boom cards, Seesaw, Classroom, Zoom sessions 
      • Language support in co-teaching via zoom or Google meet

St. James/Lambs of Christ/other offsite locations: 

Green/Yellow: Services at other sites will be provided per the IEP following Crete Public Schools safety protocols.


  • Microphone headsets for speech
  • Remote services

Homebound (whether disability or illness):  Approach this on a case by case basis. Follow the IEP to the greatest extent possible.

  • Yellow: In-person during/after school hours, if possible
    • In the home if necessary
    • Via a distance platform if there is a risk to the student
  • Orange: Blended
    • Combination of distance platform and home/school visits
  • Red: Remote
  • Fully distance instruction
  • Sixpence & Early Intervention - Home visiting guidelines

Adult Education

  • Green: Classes run as normal/blended/distance is an option allowed by the grant
    • Screen temps at the door of class and childcare.
    • Changing spaces to allow for better distancing
    • Students bring their own water bottles/coffee/snacks.
    • Eliminate snack and social breaks unless they are socially distanced
  • Yellow/Orange: In class with options for distance ed in order to reduce the number of participants in small spaces.
    • Possible changes in the schedule between classes to facilitate cleaning and sanitizing between groups of adults. (UCC provides custodial assistance)
    • Temperatures screened at the door of the church, and the door of the childcare.
    • Temperatures screened at the door of the MS for evening classes.
  • Red: 100% eLearning



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