Title IX

All employees are responsible for helping to prevent sexual harassment. Employees, or students, who believe they have been subjected to, or believe they have witnessed sexual harassment should follow these procedures:


  1. Directly inform the person engaging in the discrimination or harassment that such conduct is offensive and must stop.
  2. For employee reporters, contact your principal or supervisor, the principal or supervisor of the offending person, or the Title IX Coordinator if you do not wish to communicate directly with the person whose conduct is offensive or if direct communication with the offending person has been ineffective.
  3. Report the matter to the Title IX Coordinator if the offending conduct continues or has not been resolved to your satisfaction after you have reported the issue to a principal or supervisor.
  4. For student reporters, contact any teacher, counselor, or an administrator.
  5. Report to the Title IX Coordinator if you are the adult to whom the student has made a report so that the matter can be resolved appropriately. The Title IX Coordinator may file a formal complaint and begin the following complaint procedure.

Allegations of sexual harassment or discrimination shall be investigated and, if substantiated, corrective or disciplinary action taken, up to and including dismissal from employment if the offender is an employee, or suspension and/or expulsion, if the offender is a student. Retaliatory action will not be taken against an employee or student for reporting discrimination or harassment.

Filing Formal Complaint: An employee or student can allege sexual harassment by filing a formal complaint in writing with the Title IX Coordinator in person or by mail, or by electronic mail using the following contact information:


Jenny Beck, Executive Director of Talent and Operations

920 Linden Avenue, Crete, NE 68333



The formal complaint must be signed by the complainant or by the Title IX Coordinator.  The following procedures apply only if a formal complaint is filed. All other allegations of sexual harassment shall be resolved using the general complaint procedure.

Please see policies 1210, 1211, and 1220 for additional information.

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