Family Literacy

Did you know that Crete Public Schools offers adult education classes for parents wanting to improve their literacy and language skills?  This unique class called Family Literacy teaches skills to adults while also working with those adults to help them be the first and primary teachers for their children, empowering parents to help their children succeed in school.  In November, the parents completed lessons tied to careers, including vocabulary, grammar, reading, and writing.  The class partnered with Nestle Purina, Southeast Community College, Nebraska Center for Rural Affairs, and Crete School employees to host a career day.   Adult students learned about entrepreneurship, becoming a CNA, moving into a supervisory role at work through resume writing and interview skills, becoming a paraprofessional, and becoming a secretary.  One activity parents completed at home with their children involved the role imaginary play has in child development.  They worked with their children to use paper bags to create outfits for imaginary play.  Thank you, Food Mart, for donating extra paper bags to help with this project.

Contact Kayla Spence by email at or by calling 402.826.5855 to learn more about CPS and Family Literacy.