Iris Avenue Traffic Update

October 10, 2023

Good Evening, Crete Cardinals!  We have heard your feedback, and with the help of the City of Crete, we will be implementing changes to ensure your child's commute to and from school is safer. 

On either Wednesday or Thursday this week, you will notice something new on Iris Avenue in front of Crete High School.  The City of Crete will be installing stop signs (see the featured image). The stop signs will stop traffic going in both directions on Iris Avenue so that our students can safely cross at both crosswalks and our drivers can safely travel on and around Iris Avenue.

This is the first step to improving the intersections and crosswalks on Iris Avenue.  We will continually evaluate the effectiveness of the stop signs in keeping students safe while crossing and the traffic flowing smoothly.  A potential next step after stop signs is evaluating the need for traffic signals in these locations.  Crete Public Schools will continue to work with the City of Crete to keep our drivers and walkers safe.

If you have any questions, please fill out a "Let's Talk" request.

Dr. Melissa Frans
Crete Public Schools' Safety Director

Iris Ave Stops