On the Move

We're on the move.  Well, not us or people exactly, but we are getting ready to move a lot of dirt.  If you have not noticed, construction crews have started clearing the trees on the five-acre lot just north of the high school.  Removing the trees is scheduled to be completed by the end of today, and grading work begins the week of January 30.  The five acres are being transformed into 2.5 additional practice fields.  This small project sets us up to pursue a larger athletic complex project south of the tennis courts and around our current football field and track.  The vision includes an excellent facility for our middle school, freshman, and reserve athletes and competition.  We greatly value our partnership with Doane and plan to continue varsity contests at their campus. 

Safety will always be a top priority for CPS.  We use a standard response protocol to ensure everyone is on the same page and using the same language in emergencies/crises.  Last week, I shared what happens in a HOLD is called.  LOCKDOWN is this week's topic.  When a LOCKDOWN is called, our students and staff know that all doors are locked, lights are off, and everyone is out of sight - LOCKDOWN!  Locks, Lights, Out of Sight!  A LOCKDOWN is called when an immediate threat is approaching or is on one of our campuses.  A LOCKDOWN is a very serious situation.  All students and staff will remain in LOCKDOWN until law enforcement clears the situation.

Our staff and students practice our standard response protocols throughout the year.  Also, as a reminder, all our exterior and interior classroom doors are always locked.  You can learn more about our standard response protocols by visiting the I Love You Guys Foundation.

Finally, we are watching the weather next week.  The current forecast predicts windchills of -15 to -20 below zero.  Those windchills will happen overnight and into the early morning hours.  Please bundle up and be safe as you travel to and from school.  You can learn more about our process for school closures by clicking here.