Perla Jaimes Named Middle School Principal

We are pleased to announce that Mrs. Perla Jaimes will be the next principal at Crete Middle School.  We are excited to have her step into this important role and continue making a positive impact at CMS, the District, and the community.

Mrs. Jaimes has worked in Crete Public Schools for ten years.  Most recently, she has served as Crete Middle School Assistant Principal. She is a Crete High and Doane graduate. Mrs. Jaimes shared the following as she prepares to move into her new role:

My mission is to inspire, encourage, and foster the desire in all students to become the best version of themselves regardless of their experiences. Being the Principal at Crete Middle School will allow me to continue carrying out my mission. I am committed to our district and our community and will work hard to make a positive impact.

To see our leaders continue growing and leading the way within the District is a great source of pride for CPS.

We are excited to have Mrs. Jaimes serve as our next middle school principal and know and believe she will serve successfully in her new position.