Student Drug Testing - The Why & The How

Crete Public Schools has recently rolled out a new student drug testing policy, a move aimed at ensuring the safety, health, and academic performance of our students. We appreciate the wide array of questions, comments, and concerns from our families and community patrons. Your engagement is vital in ensuring a transparent and collaborative atmosphere for the growth of our young generation.

Understanding the importance of clear communication and addressing the inquiries surrounding this new policy, we have developed an FAQ to answer the most commonly asked questions. Click here to access the FAQ. We encourage everyone to read this document thoroughly, as it provides insights into our decision, the implementation process, and the ways in which this will benefit our students.

Why a drug testing policy?

In addressing drug-related concerns, our priority remains the health, well-being, and academic success of our students. Looking at attendance, behavior, and academic data from this past school year, drug use and vaping have become hindrances to the education all of our students deserve. We firmly believe in the capacity of our students to make positive choices, and this policy is aimed at giving them the tools and support to make those choices.

How does the policy fit within Crete Public Schools?

Crete Public Schools educates students about drug, alcohol, and nicotine use through our health classes in 6th, 7th, 8th, and 9th grades. We also provide a system of support through our teachers, counselors, and support staff, and outside support through Family Services in Lincoln. This new policy adds a needed layer of support for students and families.

Feedback welcome

To ensure all voices are heard, we invite everyone to utilize our “Let’s Talk” platform to express concerns, ask questions, or share thoughts about the new policy. Let’s Talk is an online communication tool designed for easy access, encouraging our school community to share their thoughts and concerns on various topics. You can submit questions anonymously, and we promise a timely and respectful response. Click here to access Let’s Talk!

Your feedback is important to us as we navigate this new approach. We value your input and will use your questions and comments to ensure our policies and procedures best serve the needs and well-being of our students.

We thank you for your understanding and support as we introduce this new policy and encourage you to remain involved in our continuous efforts to provide a safe, nurturing, and conducive learning environment for our students at Crete Public Schools.

Dr. McDowell, Superintendent
Mr. Bohling, High School Principal
Mrs. Jaimes, Middle School Principal