School closure

When we have school closing, due to weather or other circumstances, here is how we will inform you:

  • The official announcement will be posted on the District website.
  • We will announce it on the CPS Facebook and Twitter accounts.
  • Parents will receive a notification via SchoolMessenger (phone/email/text).

We will not announce that we are having school. Always assume we are having school until otherwise notified by the district through the above channels. We will make every effort to make the determination of closing school as timely as possible, understanding the safety of our staff and students is our highest concern.

 The CPS superintendent or designee will make the decision about any school closings. If school is canceled, all district activities are canceled including, but not limited to, performances, practices, and community events in buildings. The official method of notification for all School Closure Information is the home page of the district website and on district social media. To the extent possible the district will share on area media sites. Buildings and departments have the option of sharing the district message on school sites.

School Closure due to weather is monitored by district staff when storms are pending through access to National Weather Service regional office located in Omaha. NWS staff provides timely updates specific to school administrators. CPS staff work with the city street department on weather events and district staff communicate with area schools on the decision to close school.

If school is in session but weather situations develop during the day, the superintendent or designee will determine if after-school events will be canceled. If so, all district activities will be canceled including but not limited to, performances, practices, and community events in the buildings.

In the rare instance that school is canceled but the weather conditions improve, allowing for safe travel to after-school and evening activities, a decision will be made by the superintendent or designee. Otherwise, no after school or evening activities will be allowed.

It is the policy of the Crete Public Schools to recognize the right and responsibility of parents in the matter of school attendance. This regulation leaves to the discretion and judgment of parents whether or not their children are in fit condition and properly dressed to attend school during inclement weather. Sometimes it becomes advisable for schools to end morning or afternoon sessions earlier than usual because of building conditions or weather. Parents should plan for this possibility. In the case of inclement weather, any parent who desires may pick up their children from school at any time during the day. This absence is recorded as a parent excused absence and this absence is included in attendance records.