Crete Public Schools Works for Teachers!

If you are interested in joining a school system that actively helps you pursue your passion as an educator, we encourage you to consider Crete Public Schools in Crete, Nebraska.

We believe qualified, dedicated educators are the key to student success. As you’ll discover by exploring this website, we offer an array of opportunities to help you reach your greatest potential. Plus, you’ll find that Crete is a wonderful place to live and raise a family!

At Crete Public Schools, we remove the barriers that stand between you and delivering great teaching that results in whole-child success. When you take care of the kids, we'll take care of you.

Dr. Josh McDowell, CPS Superintendent

A great place to


  • Mentorships for all teachers new to the district
  • Opportunities to sponsor activities or coach
  • Professional development opportunities
  • A welcoming, supportive community
  • Easy access to the Lincoln metro area


  • Professional learning communities
  • Growth mindset leadership
  • Support as a classroom professional
  • A focus on whole-child success
  • An expectation that you'll advocate for students


  • Two-way communication
  • Modern, safe buildings
  • Up-to-date technology
  • Competitive pay and 100% paid family insurance