Local Scholarship Opportunities

Local Scholarship Instructions 

Application Process: 

Complete the separate applications from local organizations to become eligible for consideration for the scholarships. These are available in the Career Center.  

Selection Process: 

  • Scholarships with a + in front of them are selected by a high school scholarship  committee.  
  • The remaining scholarships are selected by the organization that offers the  scholarship.  

Steps to complete after selection to receive scholarship funds:

  • Students must complete all of the required steps provided to them in their  scholarship packet on Senior Night in order to receive the funds. This will include:  
    • Sending a thank you note  
    • Providing proof of enrollment to the organization issuing the scholarship
    • For Trust Scholarships a Memorandum of Agreement to be signed and  turned into the trust before payment will be sent to your school.  
  • Most scholarship payments will be made directly to the student’s college with the  amount split equally between semesters.  

If you have any questions about the application process, please stop by the Counseling & Career Office.


Separate applications must be completed for the following scholarships. These can be located in the Counseling & Career Center. 

Alpha Kappa Delta/ Alpha Xi Chapter Scholarship: 2 @ $250- Any female can apply. Deadline is March 31st.  ❏ Arthur Henning Memorial Scholarship: $500- Must plan to study: firefighting, emergency medical services,  commercial & residential electrical wiring, heating and refrigeration (HVAC), or appliance repair service.  

Bernie Ludvik Scholarship: 4 @ $2,500- Must have at least a 3.0 GPA to apply.  

Crete Area Health Care Foundation Scholarship: 2 @ $1500- Health Care related field  Must take this application to Crete Area Medical by 4pm on March 12th.  

Crete Athletic Boosters Club Scholarship: $500 scholarships available- Must have participated in a NSAA  sanctioned sport or activity each year of High School; Coach’s recommendations & 400 word essay required.  Students can apply through the google form application emailed to you from the Counseling Office.  

Crete Band Parents Scholarship: $500- Must have been enrolled in instrumental music for the past 2 years. Also  must enroll and attend an instrumental music class at the college they are attending.  

Crete Chamber of Commerce/FBLA Scholarship: $500- Must be current FBLA member; essay is required.  Deadline is March 13th.  

Crete Diamond Softball Association Scholarship: up to $500- Must have previously played for the Crete  Diamonds Softball Organization.  

Crete Eagles Auxiliary #3909 Scholarship: $1,000- Preference to families with an active member in the Eagles  Auxiliary Club.  

Crete Education Association Scholarship: 2 @ $500- Student must be pursuing a degree in Education  ❏ Crete Fire & Rescue Dept Scholarship/ Ben Clement Memorial Scholarship: 2 @ $500- Anyone can apply.  Financial need considered. Application includes essay and interview.  

Crete Wrestling Club Scholarship: Up to $500- Must have previously wrestled for the Crete Wrestling Club.  Deadline is March 31st.  

Denton Dollars for Scholars: $500-$2500- Must be involved in the Denton community, 4-H, baseball, community  service, work, volunteer or attend church in Denton. April 1st Deadline. Applications can be found at  scholarshipamerica.org or dollarsforscholars.org. Can reapply in college too!  

Doane University- Michael W Krantz Scholarship: 1 @ $5,000/yr for 4 yrs=$20,000- Preference may be given to  first generation college students who are in need of additional funding. Deadline is March 26th.  

+Ed Hammond Memorial Baseball Scholarship: $250- Must have participated in American Legion Baseball at  least 2 seasons. Letter of recommendation required.  

Jacob Harders Reach-Out Scholarship: 1 @ $500- Must be majoring in education/teaching, music, welding,  landscaping, wildlife management, agriculture, or a related field. Essay on bullying/being positive required.  

+MCU Scholarship: $250- Must have participated in Multicultural Union for a minimum of 1 year.  

National Honor Society Scholarship: $500- NON NHS member, GPA of 2.5-3.39, 1 page essay about each of the  Pillars of the NHS and how you plan to make a difference.  

Saline County 4-H Council Scholarships: Must be a current 4-H member of Saline County 4-H. Deadlines are March 15th and April 1st. Scholarship applications and information can be found at https://extension.unl.edu/statewide/saline/seniorscholarships/.  

Saline County Family & Community Education Council Scholarship: $200- Consideration given to those who  participate in church, school, 4-H or other youth activities. Deadline April 1st.  

Saline County Farm Bureau Scholarship: 2 @ $500- Graduating Seniors pursuing agriculture or home economics  related degree. While not required, Farm Bureau members will be preferred. Deadline April 1st.  

+Smithfield Farmland Corp Scholarship: 2 @ $1000 & 2 @ $500- Must be an employee or child of an employee  at Smithfield Farmland & have at least a 3.0 GPA. Essay Required. Pending confirmation from Smithfield.