Transportation Fees

Bus Transportation

The Crete Board of Education has established the transportation fee schedule for the 2022-2023 school year. Effective in 1998, all families living within four miles of school, including those within the city limits, will pay a fee if they use transportation services. Outlined below is the fee schedule, pick-up locations for children living in the city limits, and a form for you to complete if you plan to use transportation services. If multiple families live in a household, each separate family must complete a form and pay for transportation. Payment or purchase of tokens must be made before the use of bus transportation. Payment can be made in any school office or online by clicking here.

For all bus inquiries, including student behavior and concerns, contact Mackenzie Brown at 402-826-7887.

The transportation fee schedule is as follows:

Payment Type 1 Student 2 Students 3 or More Students
Quarter $127 $190 $254
Semester $228 $342 $456
Year $406 $608 $811

Ride costs per day are as follows:

Ride (AM or PM) $2.50
Day (AM and PM) $5.00