Dedicated in 1986, Crete Public Schools Arboretum is the first recorded arboretum at a public school in the United States of America. Today, the learning space is pioneering a digital-first approach to public garden engagement.

Founded at the confluence of three campuses, the arboretum spans an impressive 85 acres. Open and easily accessible to the public, the space remains free of physical barriers. The main vehicle entrance leads visitors into a meticulously arranged 7.2-acre area, specifically designated for showcasing the arboretum's features. A public sidewalk borders three-quarters of the showcase space, while a gracefully paved pathway encircles a memorial fountain, offering a tranquil centerpiece.

Recently, the Green-Collar Internship Program, a workforce development project stemming from the GPA: Greenhouse, Prairie, Arboretum initiative, revitalized the arboretum along with its onsite prairie and greenhouse. These efforts also included the development of a virtual map, enhancing the visitor experience by enabling digital navigation. This interactive tool interfaces with newly installed interpretive signage, emphasizing the importance of plants and environmental stewardship.

Today, the arboretum serves as a vibrant living laboratory for experiential learning and remains rooted as a testament to the enduring value of nature.