Child Nutrition

The Crete Public Schools Child Nutrition Program is essential in providing the students and staff of the district with great-tasting, safe, nutritious meals that will enhance the learning process. Students are made knowledgeable of the importance of good nutrition habits and incorporate these habits into everyday food choices to enhance the mind and body for optimal physical health and academic performance. 

The Child Nutrition Program provides breakfast, lunch, and dinner, as well as after school snacks to all CPS students, PK - 12. The USDA and federal government provide subsidies for each meal served to students. This enables schools to offer free or reduced-price breakfast, lunch, and dinner to ensure every student has access to proper nutrition.

The Child Nutrition Department is self-supporting and does not receive funds from the general fund to operate. With thousands of lunches served every year, it could be said the Department is the largest restaurant in Crete. Each employee must have a minimum of four hours of food service training each year and managers must have a minimum of ten hours of food service training each year. The department must also manage expenditures and provide meals in order to receive revenue to maintain the bottom line. 

Proper nutrition is extremely important in children’s growth, brain development and general well being. In addition to feeding bodies and minds, the Child Nutrition Department strives to feed students’ souls as well. At all schools, it is clear our students are served with love.