Parent/Guardian Presence At Testing


The purpose of this document is to outline the procedure for parent or guardian presence during the random drug testing of students. This ensures transparency, support, and comfort for the students involved and informs parents/guardians of their rights and responsibilities during this process.


  1. Parents/guardians will be notified via email and text message and text message the morning of testing if their student was randomly selected.  If you are not receiving text messages from Crete Public Schools, please text “Yes” to 67587.

  2. The notification will include the location, start time, and general outline of the testing process.

  3. Parents/guardians wishing to be present during the testing must arrive at the school by the scheduled start time mentioned in the notification.


  1. On Arrival: Parents/guardians must sign in at the front office and will be directed to the testing location.

  2. Identity Verification: School staff will verify the identity of the parent/guardian before admission to the testing area.

  3. Observation: Parents/guardians may be present in the testing location.  However, parents/guardians will not be allowed into the private restroom with their student(s). Parents/guardians must refrain from interfering with the procedure.

  4. Timing: School principals will do their best to accommodate the schedules of parents/guardians, though this cannot be guaranteed due to the random nature of testing.

  5. Departure: Once the testing is complete, parents/guardians will sign out at the front desk and exit the school premises.

Excusing Students

  1. First Excuse: If a parent/guardian receives the notification and subsequently calls to excuse their student from school for that day, the student will automatically be included in the next round of random drug testing.

  2. Second Excuse: If a student is excused a second time from school on a day when they were supposed to undergo random drug testing, they will again be included in the next round of random drug testing. However, parents/guardians will not be notified in advance in this case.

Points to Note

School administrators reserve the right to amend or update this practice/procedure at their discretion, in line with federal and state laws and regulations.

Parents/guardians are encouraged to contact the school's administration for any questions or clarifications regarding this procedure.