3rd Millenium 

3rd Millennium Classrooms is dedicated to supporting middle and high school students through innovative and effective intervention and prevention education programs. These programs are delivered online, and students are enrolled directly by the school administration, ensuring a streamlined and accessible approach to education that addresses key developmental and behavioral issues related to drug and alcohol use. 3rd Millenium is a free resource for families.

Blue Valley Behavioral Health

Families may access the Youth Assistance Program through Blue Valley Behavioral Health after a positive drug test. This program offers two sessions at school to provide brief assessment and counseling at no charge to families. Optional services for follow-up may be accessed by families, including substance abuse evaluation. Blue Valley Behavioral Health offers these optional services on a sliding scale at the family's expense.

Saline County Diversion Program

The Saline County Diversion Program serves as a targeted intervention for students found possessing drugs or alcohol on school premises, with mandatory enrollment for such cases. Additionally, it offers an optional pathway for students who test positive for illegal substances. The program costs $150, which is paid by the family, and is designed to be completed in 90 days or less. This initiative aims to provide immediate, effective, and financially accessible solutions for families dealing with substance-related issues in a school setting.

Private Provider

Families can choose to see a private counselor or family doctor. The family will need to pay for these services themselves.